CrossFit Trafford Programme Cycle – 14 November 2016 to 23 December 2016

Training Programme Template

8 Week Cycle DatesMonday 14-November to Friday 23-December

8 Week Goal:

We’re going to focus more on dumbbell movements this cycle – dumbbells are great fun for a change, but will also tax and work your core to a greater extent that barbell moves, therefore making your barbell work even stronger – there is some method in the madness!

We also thought we’d treat you to some ‘bro flex’ work… time to get strong chests and arms! Why, because a lot of people strugle with press-ups, so lets target these muscles and make then STRONG.

Monday: Dumbbell Hang Cleans – GVT style
Tuesday: Gymnasty L-Sits
Wednesday: Dumbbell Thrusters 5×5
Thursday: Fun Day / Olympic Weightlifting Class
The following will happen on alternating days…
Friday / Saturday: Dead hang pull-ups and progressions
Saturday / Friday: Bench Press 5×5 superset with Dumbbell Flyes