CrossFit Trafford Programme Cycle 27-June to 20-August

Training Programme Template

Snatch Drills at Infiniti Fitness Gym - CrossFit Trafford

Snatch Drills at Infiniti Fitness Gym – CrossFit Trafford


8 Week Cycle DatesMonday 27-June to Saturday 20-August

8 Week Goal:

Continue with and expand on the gymnastics focus from the previous cycle with two movements that we will up-scale during the next 8 weeks. You will work on strength and awareness of how your body is moving.

Increase the complexity of barbell movements, bringing in some more advanced Olympic Weightlifting, whilst building on the raw squat strength you have developed.

Accessory work will strengthen your core / back, to further aid the Olympic and Powerlifting weightlifting we perform.

Monday: Hang Power Snatch – Working to a heavy set of 5 (heavy for that particular day)
Tuesday: Hand Stand Press-Ups – 15-20 Minutes working on the various scaled options to the full HSPU, we will be working to max reps
Wednesday: Front Squat – 15-10-5-3-3-3-3-3
Thursday: Olympic Weightlifting Class
The following will happen on alternating days…
Friday / Saturday: Dips – 5×5 – Scale progression: Banded Matador, Matador, Banded Rings, Rings
Saturday / Friday: Bent Over Row 20-15-10-10-10-10-10