Programme Cycle Mon 2-May to Sat 25-June

Training Programme Template

8 Week Cycle DatesMonday 2-May to Saturday 25-June

8 Week Goal:

Put the previous cycle of high rep squats to use, working on your back squat strength, we will also be working on increasing the strength and awareness of your posterior chain when pulling from the floor.

Highlight and work on imbalances, working unilateral movements with kettlebells / dumbbells, with a decrease in barbell work.

Increase in gymnastics focus, working on strict pulls for strength.

Monday: Strict Pull Ups 5×5 @1241 – Standing with progressions, feet / toes / dead hang / weighted
Tuesday: KB Complex – 5 Cleans then 5 Presses /side
Wednesday: Deadlift – GVT – 10×10 with Strict 60sec Rest Periods
Thursday: Olympic Weightlifting Class
The following will happen on alternating days…
Friday / Saturday: Back Squat 20-15-10-5-5-5-5-5
Saturday / Friday: Superset
– Bench Press DB
– Press Ups for Max Reps
Sunday: Rest, it’s Sunday!