June Newsletter

Welcome to the first Infiniti Fitness Gym newsletter

Moving forward we want to keep you updated on all things Infiniti. We’ll be giving you top tips from nutrition to hand care. Keep you posted on trips and socials. And hopefully brighten your day.

Member Spotlight

We’re into the summer holidays now and there’s plenty to look forward to… but first up, let’s share a success story from our very own Joanne!

“Joanne started doing CrossFit with Infiniti Fitness last November. Now, 8 months in, she shares her progress…” read more

Monthly Challenge

We upped the ante with two gym challenges this month: 1) the bodyfat loss challenge and 2) Dry July (everyone’s favourite haha). There’s just a few days now to hammer your results and we can’t wait to gather measurements, hear about your experiences of staying off the booze for a month (if you were brave / crazy / COMMITTED enough to do so) and announce the winners!

August gym challenge – watch this space! And if you have any suggestions for one that you’d love to see (Duncan remaining polite on social media for an entire month? Scott learning how to do the splits?) then let us know!

Gym Trip

Stand Up Paddleboarding Intro Lesson

CrossFit is all about challenging your body in new ways, always scaled to your abilities of course. So what better way to do this than by trying a new sport! An intrepid group of Infiniti members will be going to Southport Marine Lake this Sunday for a taster of stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) with the guys from SUP North. Duncan and Laura did the class recently and loved it – expect to feel all of your muscles the following day (if you witnessed Duncan’s Toes to Bar after his first session – you’ll understand)! Have fun and we look forward to seeing the photos!

The Knowledge

A low down on Recovery and Bones

Every month we’re going to hit you up with some CrossFit related knowledge and articles to help you get stronger, faster and generally more awesome. This month we’re loving:

New Members

We have welcomed a number of new members this month, so if you spot an unfamiliar face in a class make sure to say hello! We can all remember how daunting the first few sessions can be.

Free Trials

Got any friends or family who want to try CrossFit? We’ll hook them up with a weeks free membership!

Travel corner with Duncan ‘Call me Judith’

CrossFit Trafford on Snow 2018

Infiniti are hitting the slopes! Duncan ‘Call me Judith’ has organised the gym’s first group trip to the Alps this January. We’re going to look at doing some similar gym trips next year, perhaps to a sunny destination and for those with families… if there’s something you’d really like to do with your gym buds, please let us know and let’s see what we can organise!

New Strength Cycle

CrossFit Strength Cycle

We are really excited by this next strength cycle! We put out some feelers and listened to what you wanted…

Monday – Back Squats from the rack

Tuesday – Turkish Get-up

Wednesday –Press-up Accessory

Thursday – Kettlebell Clean / Snatch

Friday – Deadlift

Saturday – DB Shoulder Press