September Newsletter

Infiniti Fitness Gym
CrossFit Trafford

Put the kettle on, grab a protein cookie and digest the latest going’s on at CrossFit Trafford…

New Sessions

CrossFit Strongman

We’ve now got the new sleds, prowler / dog sled and farmers walk handles and we’re going to make more / heavier atlas stones. Why? It’s time to get our Strongman (and lady) on. We will be running a CrossFit Strongman session every other Saturday at 11:00-12:00 starting on Saturday 16-September. GET THOSE GUNS OUT!

CrossFit on Thursday 18:00

After putting out some feelers, we have listened to your feedback and will be putting on a CrossFit class on Thursday evenings at 18:00-19:00 before the CrossFit Lifting class – this isn’t on the timetable yet, but will be very soon, we will keep you posted.

Monthly Gym Challenge


MAX duration dead hang on the pull up bar into max duration handstand hold. You can do it more than once and record your best score. Grab a coach after class to moderate and to record your score! The winner will get a gym hoodie – one for the girls, one for the guys. Runner up will get a t-shirt.


Congratulations to our August gym challenge winners, Kelly Clarke and Ollie Askew who dominated the gym leaderboards with their most-improved rowing scores.

What are our members saying?

“Infiniti has changed my life … I never used to eat or sleep and was mentally in a bad place…now I’m a million per cent different. I’ve dropped two dress sizes too and I’m on my way to dropping a third dress size down.” Jackie

Infiniti has massively helped me build my confidence and I feel stronger both physically and mentally… as well as having met some great people and made new friends. It has helped me to do things I never thought I could like run a half marathon and complete born survivor as well as conquer my fear of dreaded box jumps! Lauren

6 mths ago I couldn’t do half as much – I can now do knees to elbow, Toes to bar, Double unders and box jumps and Dead lift my own body weight…I feel amazing !!! Loving it! Georgie

Events and Socials

Manchester to Blackpool Night Bike Ride

On Sunday 7th October at midnight, CrossFit Trafford are doing something crazy to raise money for the British Heart Foundation – riding 52 miles from Manchester to Blackpool. With your help we want to raise £1,000. There are a number of members doing the ride (with a crazy suggestion of riding home). Please dig deep and sponsor your fellow members and pass the link on to friends / family – Sponsor CrossFit Trafford

New Members

We have welcomed a number of new members this month, so if you spot an unfamiliar face in a class make sure to say hello! We can all remember how daunting the first few sessions can be.

Free Trials

Got any friends or family who want to try CrossFit? We’ll hook them up with a weeks free membership!

The Knowledge

Box Jump Like A Pro

In the next strength cycle, more on that below, we’re going to do box jumps – so we’ll be focusing on technique to help you nail those all-important jumps like a pro!

New Strength Cycle

CrossFit Strength Cycle

The previous strength cycle was a really good one, we hope you enjoy this one just as much, ALL ABOARD THE GAIN TRAIN…

Monday – Front Squat 10-10-3×10

Tuesday – Superset Pull-ups / Dips 3xTF

Wednesday –Box Jumps 3-3-3-3-3 or Tekkers

Thursday – BB O/H Front Alt. Lunges 20-20-20

Friday – Bench Press 10-8-6-3-3-3

Saturday – Upper Body Accessory