Mum & Baby Fitness Class in Altrincham

One of our Mum & Baby coaches holding a couple of little'uns - even the coaches get a workout.

You’ve done the seriously hard bit, now it’s time to take some time and look after you! Our Mum & Baby fitness classes are aimed at you, the Mum! It’s time to enjoy some time for yourself. Our Mum & Baby fitness classes are a toned down version of our regular Functional Fitness classes; essentially group personal training.

We programme our fitness classes with you, the mum, in mind. We are careful as to what exercises we prescribe and work with you on an individual basis to make sure the exercises are suitable for you depending on how far you are post-partum.

Our Mum & Baby classes are fun, a lot of fun, we guarantee you’ll make friends with likeminded women, in a setting that isn’t just about your child. Bring your baby or babies, plop them in the play zone and then have some time for yourself – our coaches can often be seen carrying too little’uns. If you want to bring toddlers or older children, that is fine, we have a nice chill-out area with Netflix and Wifi for tablets etc.

If you’d like to give us a try, you can book on to a no obligation free trial.

Can any new mum join in? YES! So long as you have been cleared to start exercising by your GP at your six week follow-up check. You might want to take it easy during your ‘fourth’ trimester, and remember to listen to your body – it’ll soon tell you if you need to take it a little easy.

Even if you didn’t do much, or any, training before your pregnancy, we can tailor our training and workouts to suit your level of fitness and ability. We’re here to help you with your goals, and to get you some much needed sanity.

When do we run our Mum & Baby fitness sessions… We run three session every week:

  • Monday 09:30 – 10:30
  • Wednesday 09:30 – 10:30
  • Friday 09:30 – 10:30

Go on, get that free trial booked… book on to a no obligation free trial.