CrossFit Trafford ceases CrossFit Affiliation

CrossFit Trafford is Changing.

We’ve been a CrossFit affiliate for five years, our owners Scott, Duncan & Laura, have been involved for many more years.

We have to take a stand. We are not willing for our business or ourselves to be associated with the comments of Greg Glassman, CEO of CrossFit Inc. It is with heavy hearts we announce we will cease to be a CrossFit affiliate.

We loved and still love the CrossFit methodology for training, it’s the backbone of our gym. That’s where our love currently ends. There is no clear leadership within CrossFit at the moment, and that’s not healthy.

What does this mean for our gym and our following?

– Our name will change, that’s the main thing.
– Our programme will remain the same.
– Our attitudes towards improving our members life’s will remain the same.
– Our commitment to being a place of fun, safety and community for all will remain the same.

We hope you understand our need to stand by our morals. We believe in equality.

Goodby CrossFit Trafford // Hello Trafford Fit