CrossFit Trafford Newsletter February 2020

It turns out not all our members hit up the Facebook group 🤷🏻‍♂️… So we thought we best fire out an email to let you know what’s been going on lately at CrossFit Trafford.

Member of the Month

Firstly we want to send a collective high five to January’s member of the month, Callum. Callum has come such a long way since he joined us last year. Mobility & movement wise – he is a totally different person, couple that with his ongoing weight loss results….. he’s absolutely crushing it! With that in mind, he’s really showing his dedication and made him the clear choice for Jan. Hope you enjoy your hoody buddy. If you think one of your fellow members deserve recognition and the member spotlight for Feb, make sure you grab a coach and let the team know – not all the coaches see every member, so this feedback is really good.

Introducing CrossFit Trafford Therapy Rooms

We’ve been lucky enough to work with some fantastic sports therapists for years, all of whom have offered their services from CrossFit Trafford. But we’re now taking things to the next level, and are delighted to be bringing this therapy service in-house… meaning that we can offer you more! In addition to one-off treatments, we are now offering a monthly membership for treatments – allowing you to stay on top of your game, while saving money. You don’t have to be a CrossFit Trafford member to take advantage of this sports therapy offer; it’s just hosted at our gym, in our therapists’ private treatment rooms. Whatever your sport, fitness or health goals, sports therapy can help you to achieve them – and stay injury free.

Our next competition

Is on 21-March-2020 and it’s a team event. If you’ve not already been roped in to a team, why not put one together. If you’d like to do it but can’t find the partners let the coaching team know and we’ll see what we can put together.

60+ LEGENDS programme

Okay, we’re really excited about this one… Our 60+ LEGENDS programme. CrossFit for the 60+ age bracket. This is now running every Wednesday at 11:45 to 12:30 As always, the first session is free, so why not encourage anyone you know in this age bracket to come and visit us, and try this out. Scott and Duncan have both been training 60 and 70+ couples for years, the difference to their day to day life the training has made is vast. As with all CrossFit, all movements will be adapted to suit the individual – regardless of ability, we will get your friends / family moving.

Mum & Baby Fitness Classes

Our Mum & Baby CrossFit programme is now running three sessions a week 03:30 – 10:30 on:

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Friday

The ladies are loving it and all doing really well. Dunc’s arms have just about recovered from carrying the two little’uns – he obviously needs to train more 🤣

The Whiteboard

And so brings us to the WHITEBOARD. Now some of you love it and some of you have zero love for it… If you’re straight Alpha then the whiteboard is a thing of beauty where measuring of kahunas can occur. If, however, you’re new to CrossFit or not as conditioned as you’d like to be, calling out your score can be really bloody daunting. Moving forward, we’re going to start using the board a bit sporadically – we’ll record who was in a class, and if you want to record your figures on there, you can go ahead and do it, if you don’t want your score up there, well that’s cool with us. We would ask that you all make use of Wodify and track your performances in there though, that way the coaching team will be better informed about you and how to coach you so you see the gains.

Finally… thanks for being a great part of our growing community, it’s you members that make us such a great gym. Remember, if you refer a friend, you get yourself a FREE month’s membership.

See you in the gym soon. Team CFT